Friday, August 29, 2008

The End of Me and You

by Stan C. Countz

All summer long, we were like best friends
We did everything together
I remember kissin’ and holdin’ hands
I thought it would last forever

When you started back to school
Sometime in September
Your love for me began to cool
As far as I can remember

What was I to do
How was I to know
This would be the end
The end of the road

I loved you so much
I felt like such a fool
You said you just
Wanted to be friends

I said that was cool
but you knew it wasn’t true
Who knew this would be the end
The end of me and you?

What did I do; I must’ve really blew it
How was I supposed to know
This was the end of life
As I knew it

Spent too much time wanderin’
In the desert of uncertainty
Been thinkin’ and ponderin’
Why your memory’s still hurtin’ me

I’ve been lookin’ for greener pastures
Now I know I can’t serve two masters
I was on a carousel spinning faster and faster
Now my life has become one big disaster

So slow me down and help me see
The things that are causing me to fall
Set me free to be all I was meant to be
And to build bridges instead of walls

I can still recall the day
The day you went away
Wish you would’ve stayed
Now I guess I’ve paid my dues

I needed time for healin’
But I still recall that feelin’
And I just hope and pray
Everything is OK with you

Had no way of knowin’
I was on a train goin’ nowhere
So I’ll say a little prayer for you
My friend

It don’t seem fair, but it’s true
What was I supposed to do?
How was I to know
This would be the end
The end of me and you
The end of me and you


by Stan C. Countz

Light that fire in my heart again
It’s now a slowly burning ember
I can’t pretend to remember when
I last felt that fire within

I remember when
You were reelin’ me in
Stealin’ my heart
And playin’ to win

Remember that feelin’
You once felt within?
I wanna feel that fire
Of desire once again

Remember that feelin’?
Like you just don’t care
Like dancin’ on the ceilin’
Or like walkin’ on air

You know you’re never
Closer to healin’
Than when you’re
kneelin’ In prayer

Your love brought me back
From the brink of despair
It’s a fact; don’t laugh
Your love brought me there

It took me higher than I’d ever been
It lit that fire in my heart once again
It’s now a slowly burning ember
But I can still remember when
I felt the start of that fire within